Vision. Mission. Action!

Vision. Mission. Action!

Over the last couple of weeks, Serious Otters had the privilege to work with the amazing people from Lifestream. Through a series of interesting and engaging exercises, the LifeStream Liberty team helped us re-established what the Serious Otters name mean.

The LifeStream workshops helped us fully focus on our own strengths and values. Their exercises are designed to get everyone within an organization to open up and fully commit, so that our vision and mission statement would fully encompass the values of everyone in an organization. By first drawing out our strengths, the LifeStream team helped us construct beautifully worded statements that just rolls off our tongues and present the values that we stand firmly behind. Here’s what we’ve got!

Our Vision

To create your perfect digital presence.

Our Mission

We build innovative, quality, digital solutions that translate our clients’ vision to the world and deliver tangible results.

We are really happy with these statements and believe they will be great constant reminder and guidance for us and future employees going forward. But that’s not all that we have accomplished in the workshop! After the statements were done, the LifeStream team guided us into creating meaningful and ambitious short-term and long-term goals for everyone in the company. With milestones and tasks set for the next 12 months, we now have a clear path we can take to hit our 5 years and 10 years goal.  

Thanks to the hard work from our friends at LifeStream, the Serious Otters are now feeling very confident that we will continue to grow and improve so that we may continue to create your perfect digital presence.

If you are interested (and we highly recommend it), please go and check out LifeStream Liberty! They are a group of high-powered, super friendly, and fun gang that is capable in creating amazing results to help you grow your business!

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