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The journey of Serious Otters began here in Vancouver, the city of the famous hand-holding otters. Naming our web development business after the intelligent and playful mammals, we strived to provide our clients with quality and stylish websites which are both engaging to visitors and easy to use.

As time goes by, our business grew alongside the needs of our customers. With our strong web development background and technical insight continuing to form the backbone of our digital strategies, our focus shifted towards the broader goal to help our clients create powerful and long-lasting digital presence.

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Your business started with a belief, a concept, a passion. You have the ideas and talents to succeed. But your business is not getting the attention that it deserves?

At Serious Otters, we provide a wide spectrum of services focused in communicating your strengths with the world.

Web Development

A beautifully-designed and well-built website often serves as the integral part of any digital presence. Not only is it the central hub of your information or transactions, your website needs to be well constructed to fully take advantage of your social media activities.

Social Media Strategy

Everyone knows how to post on social media channels. The challenge lies in creating and sharing content that would actually engage readers and encourage them to share. When used properly, your social media wall and online presence may be your most effective and efficient marketing channel. We will work with you to develop social media strategies that will work for your purpose.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a delicate art. The success of a campaign is measured differently for each individual business. What worked for one company, may not be suitable for another. We believe that marketing campaigns should be distinctive and organic. And we strive to provide you with a unique solution that is timely tailored to your business’ needs.

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Sam Lui
With both business and IT backgrounds, Sam approaches problems by providing solutions that are both effective and efficient.
Joseph Lui
With over 10 years of experience, Joseph overcomes difficult technological problems with his ability to think outside of the box consistently.
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