Our Beginnings

Two brothers with different passions, united by one vision: to use our tech expertise to empower people like you. Our diverse personalities fuel our mission to create digital solutions that not only connect but also make a meaningful difference.

It’s not just about technology; it’s about making a real difference in people’s lives.

Picture of Joe and Sam
Wave Background

Flooding the world with abundant waves of positivity and goodness.

Our Team Mantra

Seek the Good.

In ourselves

to harness our unique strengths and talents to empower our partners.

In our partners

to unlock the hidden potential within our partners, fostering growth and innovation.

In our World

to identify and collaborate with organizations making a positive difference, amplifying their impact.

Spread the Good.

Of ourselves

to share our knowledge and expertise, enlightening our partners.

Of our partners

to elevate our partners’ messages through innovative digital and marketing solutions.

Of our World

to build connections that extend our partners’ positive influence globally.

Be the Good.

In ourselves

to strive for excellence, setting a high standard in all we do.

In our partners

to fully engage with our partners, embracing their vision and championing their mission.

In our World

to lead by example, becoming trailblazers in creating meaningful change and being thought leaders in our field.

Our Social Responsibility

Serious Otters is deeply committed to driving positive change through strategic partnerships with various non-profit, for-purpose and charitable organizations. Our collaborative efforts span a broad spectrum of causes, including environmental conservation and climate action, advocacy and public awareness, support for vulnerable populations, community development and resilience, labor rights and worker advocacy, and arts and culture to name a few.

Our Team

We are friends. We are family. We are nerds. We are gamers. We work hard. We play hard. We are compassionate. We are kind-hearted. We are caring. We are committed. We are talented.

We are good humans.