Serious Otters is a Vancouver-based digital marketing agency that is committed to delivering fully customized high-end web solutions. Since our establishment in 2014, we have been proudly providing our clients with tools and websites to generate the results they desire.

Adapting to a changing world

While we always model our project plans to make the most efficient use of all the resources within our control, we never forget to prepare and account for the changing world conditions that may happen outside of our control.

Engaged at first sight.

We strategize all components of our digital solutions to be the most captivating to your viewers, so that we may spark their interest on the get-go and guide them towards taking action for your cause.

Outcome that matters.

The success of projects are always measured directly by the results that they can create for you. Award-winning websites are meaningless if they aren’t providing you with the results that benefits you.

Who we worked with

Let's Get in Touch!

We love meeting new people and chatting about digital projects! So whether you have a project you need done, have questions about your current digital assets, or are simply looking for cool, fun people to bounce ideas off of, give us a shout!

Sam Lui

Co-founder / CEO

Nothing pleases Sam more than seeing real world problems being solved by technical innovations. With a strong background and passion in both the business and digital areas, he often found himself bridging the gap between the two. He has a real knack for breaking down the most complex business problems into definitive digital solutions.

Joseph Lui

Co-founder / CTO

When you need something technical done, Joseph is your man. For over a decade now, Joseph has been kicking ass and taking names in web development. His technical skills and knowledge are so well developed in his mind that he can practically see codes when he looks at the world around him.

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